Lana’s Story Part 2

So you all got to read Logan’s story, and I love that you got a chance to see it! Some of you may be wondering if James put me up to it, no- that was something I wanted to do. Hopefully, most of you can see that chiropractic is something to be considered for their children’s health, it definitely was in my situation.

Well now its time for my story because I want another way to show you that Chiropractic care is a piece in the health puzzle that everyone should consider!

Most of you don’t know, but before I got my position with James, I was a courier driver and I had a terrible workplace accident. I couldn’t walk properly, sleeping required me to sleep in my recliner to get some sort of comfort and I had to rely on pain relief medication.

Workcover sent me to Physiotherapy 2 times a week to try help correct me and even though I was getting some relief/help, I felt like I was plateauing. So since I still couldn’t return to work, as part of the requirements of the claim was to job hunt. That led to James at Transitions Chiropractic. I’m not going to lie, part of me was hesitant about getting this job because I already had in my head, “who is going to want to have a Workcover claimant on their team? I’m a liability!”

But no. James didn’t care about my work history as long as I could do the task at hand. But the best part of it all was James talking to me and asking me about my accident. He wanted to see if there was a way he could help. So I did my scan, which came up rather horrifying (to me) and James sat down and explained to me that while yes physiotherapy is good to teach me movements, I was completely un-aligned, so the exercises I was being asked to do were too much for me to handle and it’s why I struggled and felt plateaued.

So within the first 3 weeks of me working for James I got adjusted 2/3 times a week. And I tell you what, words cant explain what I felt. What James had been able to do in 3 weeks, my therapist couldn’t do in 3 months. I went back into my physio and told him I was receiving adjustments and he was glad I was getting much more relief, but was happier in the fact that I was able to do my exercises which then meant he was able to report back saying I no longer needed Workcover! That was the best news ever!!!

My point in all this is, that even though exercising is something that I needed to do to get better, Chiropractic was most definitely a HUGE part in all of it. I couldn’t even do my exercises before I got adjusted, but now that I am aligned I have been able to do so much more with myself like workout and lose 20kgs and have the ability to play with my son Logan!

No matter where I am in life, I am never changing one thing- getting regular chiropractic adjustments for myself and my family.

Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going. Chiropractic is now my permanent habit for my health.

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