Happy Autumn to you all as a brilliant new season is upon us. It is a chance for us all once again to turn over a new leaf. The school holiday period is here and with it comes both the Easter and Anzac day long weekends, both of which are great times for family and friends alike. As for us here at Transitions Chiropractic, in what has already been a huge year, April promises to be no different. We are looking at hiring our first chiropractic assistant! This is a really exciting opportunity for us and ideally this will help our practice grow so that we may help you, your friends and families even better. 

Over the past few months I have touched on what I consider the 5 key spokes in the wheel of health. These include:

​- A clear brain body connection
– Fuelling the right way​
– Movement
– Positive thoughts
– Rest & recovery

So today I thought I would take the opportunity to provide a short summary of each of these spokes. Together we can help reinvent our own wheel and ride it to a happier and healthier version of ourselves. 

A clear brain body connection is all about making sure our most basic and primitive system, our nervous system, is working at its fullest potential. It is the very first system of our body that was ever developed and works as the master controller. It communicates between the brain and all other aspects of the body via our nerves like an information super highway. Chiropractic is the best system for removing any road blocks and optimising the traffic flow along your own highway. 

In order to travel at maximum speed down this highway and to ideally recover as well as possible from any knocks and bumps we receive along the way, fuel is vitally important. Choosing real foods will always allow you to travel further and will keep your engine running more fluid for longer. Real food means less inflammation, less irritation and generally less breakdowns throughout the length of your journey. 

The highway of life is not necessarily dead straight. Sometimes we might have to climb a tree, push or pull an obstacle out of the way, or switch lanes and take a detour. Movement in all directions provides us the awesome ability to do just that. Movement breaks the monotony of being stuck in one position and it sparks new life force & energy every time. It is not so important how you move, as long as you move- give your awesome body a chance to adapt. 

So the information super highway is all clear, the car is properly fuelled and the suspension & wheel balance is all good to go. Now, all that is left is making sure the engine is sending the right messages to the rest of the vehicle: your thoughts and headspace. A massively important piece of the puzzle is to believe & focus on the destination. Trusting in yourself while at the same time enjoying the journey will steer you in the right direction every time. 

The final spoke is to rest, refuel and relax. After a long drive it is important to let your​​ vehicle unwind. Ideally give it a clean, a service and check the tyres before taking it out for another spin. Your body is no different- it needs time to bounce back and although unadulterated sleep is always the best bet, even chilling and resting for a while will work wonders. 

So there you have it, the reinvented wheel of health. Having a clear brain body connection, fuelling the body the right way, regularly moving, having a great positive headspace and allowing adequate rest & recovery will take you for a long awesome ride on the road of health. As Dr Seuss says, “You’re off to great places, today is your day! Your​ mountain is awaiting so get on your way!”


James Staciwa

M. Chiropract, B. Chiro Sci
Due to its positive success, we are continuing our tradition of thanking our supporters by rewarding every one of you who refer a friend or family member with a complimentary chiropractic adjustment.​