Couples Therapy 101

Looking for pain relief to get you through before you can access professional help? Transitions Chiropractic demonstrates 4 exercises that you can do in the comfort of your own home with the help of a partner or friend. These four exercises focus on the neck, shoulders and lower back and are designed not to fix, […]

4 Stretches for Sciatica & Lower Back Pain

Experiencing LOWER BACK PAIN? Stretches are a great component of self care and care really help alleviate tension. Here are 4 Stretches that target major muscle groups in the GLUTES, HAMSTRINGS and LOWER BACK associated with LOWER BACK PAIN, DISC problems and SCIATICA. 0:18 – Glutes: Pulling leg over body and holding position 0:47 – […]

Posterior Pelvic Tilt – Stretching (Part 2)

Stretching and rolling your way out of a posterior pelvic tilt A foam roller has two big purposes, the first is as a form of self massage to reduce muscle tension and alleviate tension through hard working muscles. The second and what I believe is more important is how using a foam roller can neurologically […]

Upper Back, Neck & Shoulders

Shoulder and Upper Back Mobility- Dowel Exercises # 2 Shoulders and Upper Back Tight? This time we are going on the ground Hold the dowel nice a strong and far apart Plant Right Arm in the ground and twist Pull the Left Arm back as far as it can go You should feel a stretch […]

Weighted Stretching

Weighted Stretching to Increase Flexibility 3 Simple Stretches (Weighted Stretching) to Increase Flexibility If you want to increase your flexibility, simple stretching may take a very long time to see results. On the other hand, using weight or resistance to increase your mobility through your joints will loosen up those muscles a little bit faster. […]

Lower Back, Hip & Leg Tightness

5 Simple Stretches to help with Lower Back, Hip & Leg Tightness Get Long Lying on your back Pull your left leg over Hold your left leg in position with your right hand Keep your left hand anchored behind you Hold a nice, slow stretch to get that movement back through If you want to […]

Upper Back & Shoulders

Want To Loosen Your Upper Back & Shoulders? Dowel Exercises # 1 We all get stiff and tense through the shoulders especially when we start getting the rounded shoulder appearance and the forward neck carriage. So what can we do? Mobilise the shoulders and open up the space between the shoulders again. Here are 3 […]

Quad, Hip Flexor & Hamstring Stretch

Quad, Hip Flexor & Hamstring Stretch While you’re on the ground, there are two other stretches that you can do for the front and back of your legs (Quads & Hamstrings). Quad & Hip Flexor Stretch: Support your head with your bottom arm Pull that top leg back and hold your foot with your top […]

Cross Body Stretch

Cross Body Stretch The muscle from your hips through to your rib cage does a great job of acting like a “seat belt.” It will spasm to prevent further injury. To get some length back in there, the easiest way to do this is: While you’re lying down on your back Pull your leg over […]

Lat Stretch

Lat Stretch Similar to the Poor Mans Traction, it’s the same stretch just going up the side. All we are going to do is lean up the wall and stretch through your side. The muscles through here have the tendency to act as one big “seat belt.” They will pull down and lock. When they […]