Leg Swings

Leg Swings Looking to improve restriction in your hips and lower back? Static stretching doesn’t cut it, you need to move it. Try swinging your

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Backstroke Do you need to increase your upper back and neck mobility? We do too! A great exercise to practise is Backstroke. If you want

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Lying Supine

Lying Supine & Viparita Karani The Lying Supine position is one of the most highly recommended and simplest positions that I could recommend you do.

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Hip Lateral Rolls

Unlocking The Hips Hip Lateral Rolls The hips and lower back form the foundation block for the entire spine and nervous system. Their movement is

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Neck Nods

Keep The Neck On The Rails Neck Nods The upper neck and back is built to maximise front to back movement. The joints and vertebrae

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