Neck & Upper Back Movement

Exercise and movement are a great way to improve neck and upper back movement. Specifically increasing strength, prevent upper back hunching and reducing neck fatigue. It can potentially prevent neck pain, reduce headaches and tension. Here’s 3 great movements designed to maximally strengthen the supportive muscles of the upper neck and shoulders.  Full Length Video […]

Posterior Pelvic Tilt – Mobilise (Part 1)

Carving out 5- 10 minutes each day for deliberate mobility practice can absolutely help reprogram body movement patterns, muscle and nerve tension. Mobility helps to change body postures and positions, especially those that we get stuck in too easily throughout each and every day.   These 4 mobilising drills are a great step in changing […]

Lower Back Tension & Sciatica

Mobility, a fantastic way to free low back pain and unlock tension. Here’s 4 ESSENTIAL MOVEMENTS for loosening and opening up the lower back. We love helping to LIBERATE MOVEMENT and optimise well being. 4 Movements to help with Low Back Pain and Sciatica Hip lateral rolls (0:32) Rocking knees towards chest (1:18) Rocking towards […]

Leg Swings

Leg Swings Looking to improve restriction in your hips and lower back? Static stretching doesn’t cut it, you need to move it. Try swinging your legs forward and back in a straight line. Slow and steady trying to get it as mobile as possible. Best way to do this stretch: Brace your hand on a […]


Backstroke Do you need to increase your upper back and neck mobility? We do too! A great exercise to practise is Backstroke. If you want to get into a pool GREAT, but you don’t have to. This exercise is great for people that: stuck behind a desk if your shoulders are stuck forward if you’re […]

Lying Supine

Lying Supine & Viparita Karani The Lying Supine position is one of the most highly recommended and simplest positions that I could recommend you do. The way to do the Lying Supine position: Lye flat on your back. Head back and eyes up towards the roof. Arms out and palms up towards the ceiling. This […]

Hip Lateral Rolls

Unlocking The Hips Hip Lateral Rolls The hips and lower back form the foundation block for the entire spine and nervous system. Their movement is vital even for joint position sense and balance. These simple and quick lateral hip rolls can help keep the foundation strong, supple and stable providing a great foundation base. Rolling […]

Neck Nods

Keep The Neck On The Rails Neck Nods The upper neck and back is built to maximise front to back movement. The joints and vertebrae are arranged like a train track running up and down the spine. Neck Nods are a great exercise to get the neck and upper back moving and sliding easily along […]