“Sitting’s the new smoking”

If only we had a dollar every time we heard this. Sitting has increased substantially. Sitting has increased so much that it’s difficult to reverse the effects of long term sitting. Recent studies have shown that American adults sit on average 12 hours per day. There is just no way to avoid that fact that […]

Posterior Pelvic Tilt

Unfortunately a problem of the modern lifestyle many of us are living is that we sit for too long. It’s been said that at the speed that technology is advancing, posture is declining. This can and does come at a huge cost to our health and well-being. One of the most common and notable postural […]

Office Stretching

Office Stretching 101 Here are a few simple things you can do in the office to get some length back and movement while you’re stuck in a chair. Office stretching is one way you can start to better your posture and decrease those niggles and aches you are experiencing throughout the day. Neck nods Roll […]

Upper Back, Neck & Shoulders

Shoulder and Upper Back Mobility- Dowel Exercises # 2 Shoulders and Upper Back Tight? This time we are going on the ground Hold the dowel nice a strong and far apart Plant Right Arm in the ground and twist Pull the Left Arm back as far as it can go You should feel a stretch […]

Weighted Stretching

Weighted Stretching to Increase Flexibility 3 Simple Stretches (Weighted Stretching) to Increase Flexibility If you want to increase your flexibility, simple stretching may take a very long time to see results. On the other hand, using weight or resistance to increase your mobility through your joints will loosen up those muscles a little bit faster. […]

Built To Last- 3 Exercises to Improve Your Core Strength

Built To Last: Push Up, The Plank and Wall Angels In Part 1 of Built to last, we talked with Brogan from the Concept about how to create a strong foundation. Here, specifically we were talking about your body’s own foundation from the feet up and through your pelvis. The ideas here are essential because even […]

Stretching Before a Winters Run?

Winter Running? Tempted to Stretch Before? Don’t Bother! As the temperature drops a lot of us don our running shoes and head for the hills. Now as great as the colder weather is for running there is one big problem. How do you warm up? This is really important in training and especially when it […]

Doc- Is it a Disc??

One of the most frequently asked questions that we ever receive at Transitions Chiropractic Newcastle is, “Doc, how do I know my back pain isn’t a disc injury?” Unfortunately the answer is often unwanted, and yes, it is a disc injury…. Many of you know that our spine is made up of 24 vertebrae and the discs that […]

The 2 Best Stretches I Never Knew…

I was listening to a podcast the other week by Tim Ferriss, the author of the 4 hour body, the 4 hour work week and the 4 hour chef, and if there is a way to get the most bang from your buck from your life, he has looked at it. On this particular podcast he was […]