You can’t choose what happens to you, but you can choose your response. Sometimes it can seem that there isn’t a whole lot that we get to control. Things consistently keep happening that seemingly effect all of our lives. Over the past year many of these “things” have been pretty legitimate speed bumps and even […]

Covid 19: Top 10 Positives

Covid 19 has forever changed the landscape of the world we live in. For better or worse? I feel for many of us that is undecided. The tragic loss of human life, cost of human health, mental health, economic health, financial health and security- it has been devastating. Yet surely there’s some silver lining from […]

Pressing Reset

Life is full speed ahead! At 100mph it’s easy to get caught up in the “to do” list. The “honey do” list, the “chores,” hourly work appointments, kids sport, extracurricular activities, fitness training or heaven forbid your own health and wellness appointments. It is way to easy to go from one task to another, never […]

Gratitude, Doing And Presence

How GDP can help you to Unwind, Recharge and Reboot For many of us here in Newcastle, the year has flown by. There has been so many events and things on everyone’s life has seemed to be a little more hectic this year. It would be hard pressed to live in Newcastle and not have […]

Fitz’s Challenge 2017

When I First Heard Of The Fitz’s Challenge It was approximately 2013 when I first heard of the Fitz’s Challenge. Back in the days pre kids and running our own business. At the time I remember speaking to some guys I completely looked up to on the bike and had done the 210km version. They […]

Mastery & Perfection

Mastery and The Chase for Perfection At Transitions Chiropractic I’m blessed to be inspired each and every day by the amazing people I get to meet. Many of whom are looking for ways to get more from their bodies and their lives. This enables them to continue to live life at it’s fullest. Over the […]

Built To Last- 3 Exercises to Improve Your Core Strength

Built To Last: Push Up, The Plank and Wall Angels In Part 1 of Built to last, we talked with Brogan from the Concept about how to create a strong foundation. Here, specifically we were talking about your body’s own foundation from the feet up and through your pelvis. The ideas here are essential because even […]

Intro: Built to Last at The Concept Gym

On Site at The Concept Gym Today we are on site with Brogan at The Concept Gym in Highfields. Brogan is going to help us with some stability exercises. In Part 1 of Built to Last, we are going to focus on our hips and pelvis because every good house needs a good foundation! In […]

Spring into Life

You can smell it! Literally spring is just around the corner. Wattle is in the air, the warmer winds are about, the birds are chirping and the kookaburras are singing. We are in that magic time of year when the days are getting warmer, the sun is greeting us a little earlier and staying a […]