Are you struggling with Sciatica? At Transitions Chiropractic Newcastle our Chiropractor,  Dr James Staciwa, has the experience in diagnosing and treating the cause of your sciatica and can help you. With over 14 years of Chiropractic experience in Newcastle and surrounding suburbs we are here to help you.

Transitions Chiropractic Newcastle is a local, family run business and it comes with the peace of mind of being the only Myovision Certified Chiropractic office in Newcastle using the state of the art Myovision software designed for NASA to provide a computer analysis of the muscle activity and Thermography reading of your spine. Combining this equipment with safe and effective manual chiropractic adjusting techniques is one of the safest and most naturally effective ways of treating and managing your sciatica.

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We are the most complete and trusted Chiropractic service Newcastle has to offer. Our centrally located Chiropractic Clinic in Newcastle has free parking and a bus stop literally at our front door so provides great access for people coming from Newcastle, Merewether, Cooks Hill, The Junction, The Hill, Adamstown, Charlestown, Mayfield and Warners Bay. We offer same day chiropractic care to all Newcastle clients whether it is their 1st or 50th visit and we believe that making an appointment should be easy. Transitions Chiropractic Newcastle also offers walk in appointments to our entire Newcastle family.

Suffering from Sciatica?

Sciatica can come with a wide array of symptoms from lower back pain, leg pain, numbness, tingling, pain with walking, pain with sitting still, pain when lying on the couch, pain when moving from sitting to standing positions, pain with twisting, pain with rolling over in bed, muscle weakness, even difficulty going to the bathroom or bladder issues.

As leaders of Chiropractic care in Newcastle we know that our care can help you, especially if you are suffering from Sciatica. Our Chiropractic adjustments are pain free, require no drugs or surgery and many clients have had a very quick response from care. This minimises forced time taken off work or time spent sitting on the sporting sidelines being unable to play the game.

We want to help you live your life without limits and we know that Sciatica can cause a wide array of pain. Life is not fun when you are forced to slow down. At Transitions Chiropractic Newcastle we love living life at full speed and we want to help you to do the same.

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Your body is not designed to be in pain. Newcastle is such a vibrant city and it is so much more fun if you can move well. Your sciatica is only slowing you down and your ability to enjoy life and this amazing city. So, when searching Chiropractor Newcastle on google, select Transitions Chiropractic Newcastle if you are looking for safe, effective and quick treatment for your sciatica. Call Transitions Chiropractic Newcastle on 49261101 to schedule your appointment today.

Our Newcastle offices are always here to help you. With the latest NASA developed technology, combining the safest and most effective adjusting techniques Transitions Chiropractic is here to get you on the road to recovery as soon as possible.

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