Sports Chiropractic Newcastle

Maximise Efficiency of Movement

Looking for the extra edge? Want the best results from your hours in the gym, on the road or in the water? It’s time to make sure your body is in the best possible position to enhance your sporting performance.


Sports Chiropractic is an essential part of many professional and amateur athletes performance enhancing tool kit. When training and competing you need a body that can adapt to the demands. This is where Chiropractic fits. Enhancing muscle and nervous system integrity is shown to help balance, power, speed & coordination. From runners, surfers and skaters we know sport is best when you get to jump right in & be in the thick of the action. We help keep you in the game, at your best and off the sidelines.

Benefits of Sports Chiropractic

Sports Injuries & Chiropractic care

We know sport comes with its various physical demands, stressors & strains. Chiropractic helps with acute and chronic overuse injuries and it isn’t just spinal. Although we focus on spine first, particularly in sport ankles, knees, hips, wrists, elbows and shoulders can all require care to work their best. You don’t need to train or play through pain. We help you train hard, and play even harder.


With all of our athletes from Newcastle Tri Club, Newcastle Flyers, Newy Paddlers, Watt St Athletic, Nippers, SLSC athletes, surfers, gym junkies, crossfitters & many more we know that sport isn’t just about the physical, there’s a huge mental benefit that comes with it too. So by decreasing injury & increasing playing time, emotionally we feel better. From back pain, neck pain, sciatica, disc injuries, tendonitis, tension headaches & bursitis consider Chiropractic.