Covid 19: Top 10 Positives

Covid 19 has forever changed the landscape of the world we live in. For better or worse? I feel for many of us that is undecided. The tragic loss of human life, cost of human health, mental health, economic health, financial health and security- it has been devastating. Yet surely there’s some silver lining from…

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Your Immune System & You

Anitoxidant super foods to boost immune system

With an unprecedented health pandemic sweeping across the globe how can we help fuel the fires of calm and sanity? What exactly is going on? Why are the rates of infection so high? What can we do about Coronavirus? What’s the difference between Coronavirus and Covid-19? How do we stay healthy, stop the curve and…

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The Stress Effect

Ever noticed how pain has a habit of shifting? From the neck to the lower back, the left to the right, apparently always on the move. Other times it can completely change from physical pain to stomach upsets, constant irritation, heart palpitations, brain fog and constant rumination’s unable to switch off and sleep. These “dysfunctions”…

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Posture involves a little coordination, strength and balance. It would be difficult to train any of these areas by themselves. If you train one of these areas they are going to improve another. If you want to improve your posture, try the following movements: Start with neck mobility. Place your arm straight out in front…

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Beautiful, Tall and Proud. Part 2.

Enhance your life. Build your posture. “Get yourself out of the way and let joy have more space” Rumi If there was ever a genetic or biological blueprint of the body, it was written around one core concept: Mobility. In part 1 of Beautiful, Tall, Proud we laid the foundation for changing posture through Awareness,…

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Enhancing our bodies coordination between the left and right side is essential. Coordination is key for our bodies, but more importantly for our brain to use both right and left side. Here’s some tips on how to deliberately train coordination. Exercise 1: Training opposites Start by sitting or standing. Take left hand and touch opposite…

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After age of 40, strength declines massively. Strength is like balance, if you don’t use it you lose it. Strength is about moving your body efficiently through all different ranges. How can we increase and improve our strength? There are 4 different exercises that we have found to improve strength throughout the body. We will…

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Bringing balance into your body boosts brain and body health & performance. Balance is a skill that we need and if you don’t use it you lose it. So, how do we train balance? Train balance by starting with a simple movement, one that you’re comfortable with, then progress and challenge yourself from there. Exercise…

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Beautiful, Tall and Proud. Part 1.

Enhance Your Life. Build Your Posture. Posture, oh no- here’s another health professional, a Chiropractor no less preaching the importance of posture. We’ve all heard it before. However, I hope to provide a blueprint. An example of how to change, adapt and highlight why posture is so important.  An easy way to think about posture…

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