Xtreme Tri Challenge

The stars aligned in 2019, for the first time ever both North American Xtreme triathlons were lining up on back to back weekends. Alaskaman June 29th and Canadaman July 7th. Coincidentally this was the same time we had planned a family holiday for my wife and kids to visit her family in Southern California. Then […]

Run The Peak

The final of my Extreme 3 Challenge. Lake Cuyamaca and Pinnacle Endurance’s ‘Run The Peak‘ 50k. After back to back weekends of Xtreme Ironman distance triathlons I got to admit, I was a little excited to “only” have a 50k run to do…. The week leading up to the race I did zero training. I […]

Reach The Stars By Midnight- Canadaman 2019

Finishing at the top of Mont Mégantic at the observatory, this is the catch phase of this race. For me, life is shooting for the stars- we never know how close we get but we can always try. That’s what this race was all about- trying. No one ever said doing 2 extreme triathlons 1 […]

Extreme 3 Endurance- Alaskaman 2019

As the stars happened to align this year I set my sights on tackling 3 extreme endurance races over 3 consecutive weekends. Alaskaman 2019 well and truly started the show! Low and behold, after 32 hours of travel I arrived in Anchorage 3 days before the race. On the midst of their biggest ever heat […]

Podcast: Dr Eric Hansen Interviews James Staciwa

Podcast: Dr Eric Hansen sits down with James Want to get a little insight behind what drives James and how he went from a beer chugging baseballer to redefining his limits in endurance sports? Check out this podcast with Dr. Eric Hansen from Brain and Body Health.     11 Jun BBHT 13: Ultramans, Ironmans and Distance […]

Go Big or Go Home- Live Life Without Limits!

Live Life Without Limits- Ultraman Australia 2018 Viktor Frankl said it best in Man’s Search for Meaning, what we are looking for in life isn’t necessarily happiness or possessions, it is meaning. It is to feel like you are contributing to a cause that to you is just, that to you matters. It’s funny because […]

Welcome to the Jungle- Challenge Wanaka Race Report

Challenge Wanaka- Welcome to the Jungle Who would have thought that a sleepy little town surrounded by ski fields, magnificent mountains and on the edge of a magical lake would explode into an epic Triathlon Jungle? Somewhere deep in the south island of New Zealand, lives the beautiful town of Wanaka. In 2018 I was […]

21 Day Challenge- Changing Your Habits

21 Days Of Changing Your Habits To Change Your Happiness It’s that time of year again- summer is well and truly here! Christmas has just passed and 2018 is just around the corner. With all this going on how do you feel about New Years Resolutions? How do you feel about changing your habits? If […]

Fitz’s Challenge 2017

When I First Heard Of The Fitz’s Challenge It was approximately 2013 when I first heard of the Fitz’s Challenge. Back in the days pre kids and running our own business. At the time I remember speaking to some guys I completely looked up to on the bike and had done the 210km version. They […]

Mastery & Perfection

Mastery and The Chase for Perfection At Transitions Chiropractic I’m blessed to be inspired each and every day by the amazing people I get to meet. Many of whom are looking for ways to get more from their bodies and their lives. This enables them to continue to live life at it’s fullest. Over the […]