Chiropractors enhance the balance of your body from the inside out. To help your body heal itself, treating the cause not the symptom. By using precise manual adjusting techniques, Chiropractors can improve the way you move and feel.

Yes. Chiropractic care is a safe, effective and drug-free option to health care. Chiropractic care can help you to adapt and function at your best, in the most efficient, pain free and powerful way possible.

You will be greeted by our friendly Chiropractic Assistants (CA) and guided to a room to fill out a form. A CA will review the form with you and introduce you to Dr James. He will start your initial consult and thorough examination which includes a Myovision scan. The Myovision scan will be performed by a trained CA and then reviewed by Dr James. He will go through your chiropractic analysis with you and provide his best recommendations moving forward. You will then be guided to a room where you will receive a Chiropractic adjustment.

It is technology developed by NASA that can accurately identify any sites of nerve interference and determine how your body is functioning. It’s a 2-part scan, Thermography scan and sEMG, that goes directly against your spine and takes approximately 3 minutes. We love to use this as a tool on the first visit and future visits to show how you specifically have responded to Chiropractic care.

No. We do not need X-rays to provide you with the best Chiropractic care. We do however provide a thorough examination during your appointment including a Myovision scan which gives us a great basis on how well your body is functioning.

Overtime our joints build up gas. When a specific adjustment is performed, a cracking or popping sound may occur. This sound is the release of gas in the joints. Think of it like opening a can of soda, the release of gas reduces pressure. It also helps your nervous system relax.

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