Transformation of the Karate Kid!

BEFORE: This young boy first visited our office at only 10 years old. He is way too young to be suffering from back pain. The worst part- the back pain was also causing headaches and affecting his ability to concentrate. TREATMENT: We could see in his initial examination that his muscle activity was completely one […]

Redefining Possibility

Ultraman Australian 2018 If you’ve stepped into our office at any time over the last 7 months, you’ve probably notices our massive “live life without limits” sign proudly displayed in our reception area. This phrase seems to capture how as a chiropractor we want to help you however, it is also a reflection of how […]

Calf Imbalance

Calf Imbalance One of the cool things about the multi-sport watches these days is all the in built metrics. Garmin watches have the ability to tell you your foot ground contact time (GCT) and compare feet. For this Ironman athlete his balance was always off by 3-5%. This might not sound like much, but multiply […]

Walk This Way

Walk This Way Sidelined with a torn calf playing netball, unable to walk 2k and incredible ankle swelling. The redness is the inflammation and after just 2 weeks it massively dropped. Most important she was pain free, walking normally and did 40ks through Melbourne in just 3 days!    

Fitz’s Challenge 2017

When I First Heard Of The Fitz’s Challenge It was approximately 2013 when I first heard of the Fitz’s Challenge. Back in the days pre kids and running our own business. At the time I remember speaking to some guys I completely looked up to on the bike and had done the 210km version. They […]

Persistence, Chiropractic, and the Kokoda Challenge

Want to be able to tackle your next challenge head on? 
This man walked the Kokoda Trail, and smashed it! BEFORE: The scan on the left shows his muscle activity from June 2016 before training commenced- the long lines through his middle and lower back show areas of chronic muscle tension and areas both associated […]

Shipping Up To Boston

April 17th saw the 121st running of the Boston Marathon and luckily enough it was an event I was able to be a part of. A timeless race that draws over 30,000 people from all over the world. In the sport mad state of Boston, over 500,000 spectators line every inch of the 42.2 km […]

Can you Teach Old Dogs New Tricks?

Pushups while Barefoot Waterskiing! Proving that an old dog CAN learn new tricks!   BEFORE: This client is a family man, a business man and a really keen weekend waterskier. After years of semi-professional soccer, his right hip was waking him every night. He could hardly ski for more than 5 minutes.   TREATMENT: After […]

Posture Up!

Have you ever tried to hold perfect posture for the entire day? Impossible right?! Even as a chiropractor this is something that I completely struggle with. Probably no big surprises here, but after my accident and being injured this was even harder. All I wanted to do was slouch & slump and it took way […]