Disc pain can be debilitating. Discs may cause pain and discomfort near the injury or they may be causing muscle spasm, referred nerve pain or pressure on a nerve with symptoms like sciatica or pins and needles, tingling or numbness. 


If looking for a drug free, non surgical treatment, consider a Chiropractor.  At Transitions Chiropractic Newcastle our Chiropractor, Dr James Staciwa has over 16 years experience caring for many different types of disc bulge. From lumbar disc to neck disc injuries. Bulges right through to disc prolpase. Your Chiropractic disc bulge solution begins at Transitions Chiropractic.


What is a disc injury?


This might sound a little simple. Yet discs are the soft, connective tissue between the vertebrae or bones of the spine. The connection of two vertebrae (the one above & the one below) together with the disc form what is known as the vertebral complex. The discs act as shock absorbers in this complex and their ability to shock absorb is finite. If the vertebrae are misaligned, pressure builds up on the disc weakening it and predisposing it to bulge. 


The instant the bulge occurs may be the result of an acute injury ie when lifting and twisting, or a car accident or at the gym. It may also be caused due to repeated chronic overuse for example in the runner, desk worker or labourer constantly exposing their discs to the same stressors day in day out. 


The extent of the damage is often graded with simple, outer disc bulges requiring less treatment and time off compared to complex disc prolpases or sequestered disc lesions.  


What can you do?


Self care is the first and often best place to start any style of treatment. When it comes to Self care of a disc bulge there’s a few things to consider. Have a look into P.E.A.C.E & L.O.V.E. These are the guidelines for helping all injuries recover. 


You’ll notice heat and movement is a big part of all of this. Try some of these simple mobility exercises and stretches and see if they help too. 


How can we help?


We help you get the chiropractic treatment for your disc bulge when you need it. Offering call in, walk in and online appointments we help make health care easy. We are never too busy.


Regularly voted in the best 5 rated Newcastle Chiropractors. We start by listening to you. We complete a thorough examination including Myovision NASA developed software to get the best picture of your health. This detailed initial assessment helps guide your chiropractor accurately in giving you the best care possible.


Specific, safe and effective manual chiropractic adjusting techniques.Our Chiropractic adjustments are pain free and require no drugs or surgery. it’s one of the best and most naturally effective ways your Chiropractor will help your disc pain. 


Suffering from Disc Pain?


Looking at a disc pain through a chiropractor’s lens means we first look at what and where you are feeling your pain. Then we investigate how it is effecting you. We focus on the spine first because we know, spinal health is the foundation of good health. Chiropractors are Spinal health and wellbeing specialists. Optimal spinal health allows for correct working of all your discs, muscles, tendons, ligaments and nerves.


Our centrally located Chiropractic Clinic in Newcastle has free parking and a bus stop literally at our front door. Transitions Chiropractic provides great access for people coming from Newcastle, Merewether, Cooks Hill, The Junction, The Hill, Adamstown, Charlestown, Mayfield, Stockton and Warners Bay.


Should I make an appointment?


When you’re experiencing a disc problem it can be hard to know who to turn to. The doctor, Physio, massage or Chiropractor? Give us a call, or schedule a free spinal health check. We can always see if Chiropractic is a good fit for you.


You don’t need to suffer with a disc bulge. Particularly when a solution may be right around the corner. Newcastle East’s only Chiropractor service are here to help.


Contact us today! Transitions Chiropractic is here to help.  Let’s get back on the road to recovery as soon as possible. We’ve got your back.

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