Office Stretching

Office Stretching 101 Here are a few simple things you can do in the office to get some length back and movement while you’re stuck in a chair. Office stretching is one way you can start to better your posture and decrease those niggles and aches you are experiencing throughout the day. Neck nods Roll […]

Sitting Posture

Improve YOUR Sitting Posture Today Top 6 tips for improving your Sitting Posture: Step 1: Sit TALL. Aim to keep the spine as upright as possible and ideally don’t be reliant on the back rest. The more you can use your muscles to hold you upright the more you can protect your spine. Step 2: […]

Standing Posture

Improve Your Standing Posture Today Top 5 tips for improving your Standing Posture: Step 1: Stand TALL. Nail this and nothing else matters.  Aim for 60 second blasts of an erect perfect posture every 30’.     Step 2: Keep a light BOUNCE in your knee. Allowing your legs to work as a shock absorber.  […]

Travel In Comfort

Travel In Comfort- How To Use This Spiky Ball To Relieve Some Muscle Tension As a few of you might know, I just got back from New Zealand racing over in Challenge Wanaka. This trip came with 2 days of long travel, so I wanted to introduce you to my favourite travelling companion. This is […]

Backpack vs Shoulder Bag

Backpack vs Shoulder Bag What is the best bag to send your kids back to school with? Backpack vs Shoulder Bag? They can both be fantastic if you wear them the right way. How do we avoid sending our kids to school with their backpack weighing a ton, forcing them to hunch over to carry […]

Office Sitting and Study Sitting

Office Sitting and Study Sitting What is the best way to sit behind a desk? In this short video, James will demonstrate 5 important areas to focus on while office sitting or study sitting. Unfortunately we all have to do this a fair bit, so here are a few basic tips that you can try […]

How To Prevent Poor Posture While Using A Tablet

Prevent Poor Posture While Using A Tablet How can we prevent poor posture while using a tablet? So many of us are on tablets these days, so how can we do it while keeping our posture upright? Here are a couple tips and tricks on how you can use a tablet while keeping that spine […]