Posture involves a little coordination, strength and balance. It would be difficult to train any of these areas by themselves. If you train one of these areas they are going to improve another. If you want to improve your posture, try the following movements: Start with neck mobility. Place your arm straight out in front […]


Enhancing our bodies coordination between the left and right side is essential. Coordination is key for our bodies, but more importantly for our brain to use both right and left side. Here’s some tips on how to deliberately train coordination. Exercise 1: Training opposites Start by sitting or standing. Take left hand and touch opposite […]


After age of 40, strength declines massively. Strength is like balance, if you don’t use it you lose it. Strength is about moving your body efficiently through all different ranges. How can we increase and improve our strength? There are 4 different exercises that we have found to improve strength throughout the body. We will […]


Bringing balance into your body boosts brain and body health & performance. Balance is a skill that we need and if you don’t use it you lose it. So, how do we train balance? Train balance by starting with a simple movement, one that you’re comfortable with, then progress and challenge yourself from there. Exercise […]

Lateral Carries

Balance is beautiful, yet we aren’t perfectly symmetrical. When it comes to strengthening and supporting the body, deliberate uneven heavy carries can help shift towards balance front to back and left to right. Embrace the imbalance, while doing your best to even out the scales. Walking with Weight- one side (0:32) Walking with Weight Overhead- […]

Rotation Training

Supporting Your Body It’s 24/7, 365 days and 360 DEGREES. Full spinal and body support means resisting and absorbing tension from any angle. Try some deliberate 360 degree weighted spins. They can help with: unlocking restricted movement patterns adding strength adding support priming alertness increasing concentration protection for your spine For whatever life throws at […]

Core Strength

Core training, a standing option Training the core. We believe your core is vital to supporting you through all moves of life. When training your core, try an upright, standing position, the way we naturally evolved. Training and firing the core muscles can provide a much more dynamic and strong foundation. It can also help […]

Lateral Movements

Inactive or Lazy Gluts? Lateral movements are key to firing glut and extensor muscles through the lower back and minimising hip flexor strain. Restoring Glut activity can help prevent: lower back pain disc problems sciatica hip and knee troubles Lateral moves are key in starting to restore the balance. Give these movements a try and […]

Posterior Pelvic Tilt – Strength (Part 3)

Strengthen optimising to correct a posterior pelvic tilt Optimal human functioning and performance is often finding the right combination between length and strength of various parts of the body. When it comes to strengthening, it is best when we have already performed the mobility and rolling work. This strengthening work locks the new shift away […]

Upper Back Stability

Stabilising the Upper Triad: Upper Back, Neck and Shoulders The upper back, neck and shoulders is one area of the body that is under ever increasing amounts of pressure. Much of this literally has to do with the mechanical forces placed on this highly mobile and flexible region of your body. Hours of computer work, […]