Posture involves a little coordination, strength and balance. It would be difficult to train any of these areas by themselves. If you train one of

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Enhancing our bodies coordination between the left and right side is essential. Coordination is key for our bodies, but more importantly for our brain to

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After age of 40, strength declines massively. Strength is like balance, if you don’t use it you lose it. Strength is about moving your body

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Bringing balance into your body boosts brain and body health & performance. Balance is a skill that we need and if you don’t use it

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Lateral Carries

Balance is beautiful, yet we aren’t perfectly symmetrical. When it comes to strengthening and supporting the body, deliberate uneven heavy carries can help shift towards

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Rotation Training

Supporting Your Body It’s 24/7, 365 days and 360 DEGREES. Full spinal and body support means resisting and absorbing tension from any angle. Try some

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Core Strength

Core training, a standing option Training the core. We believe your core is vital to supporting you through all moves of life. When training your

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Lateral Movements

Inactive or Lazy Gluts? Lateral movements are key to firing glut and extensor muscles through the lower back and minimising hip flexor strain. Restoring Glut

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