Bringing balance into your body boosts brain and body health & performance. Balance is a skill that we need and if you don’t use it you lose it.

So, how do we train balance?

Train balance by starting with a simple movement, one that you’re comfortable with, then progress and challenge yourself from there.

Exercise 1: Balance on one leg

  • Start with balancing on one leg with wall support.
  • Lean against the wall on the left side and do the balance exercise on left leg.
  • All of these exercises are progressive. Start with holding the exercise for 5 seconds and then work 10 seconds. If you can hold longer, fantastic!
  • Switch sides- lean against the wall on the right side and try this balance exercise on your right leg.

Once you have mastered the first exercise, move on to exercise # 2.

Exercise 2: Balance on one leg with fingertip pressure on wall

  • Perform same exercise as before, but with only fingertip pressure on wall. Once this is comfortable, move to exercise # 3.

Exercise 3: Balancing on one leg with no wall support.

  • Repeat same exercise as before, but you may need to start for a shorter duration of time. Work towards a longer duration before proceeding further or making it more complicated.

Mastered the first 3 exercises?

Great! Time to make it more complicated.

Step 1: Calf raise on one leg

  • Applying the same basic movements from balancing on one leg, do a calf raise trying to keep your balance on that very same leg.
  • Start with 5 calf raises on one side and then work towards 10.
  • Perform this on both sides. Once this feels comfortable, move to Step 2.

Step 2 : Balance on one leg with eyes closed

  • Starting out comfortably balancing on one leg. Make sure you are completely balanced, then shut your eyes.
  • Start by having your eyes shut for 5 seconds. If you are successful and comfortable with this, aim towards 10 seconds.
  • Try the opposite side- if you are feeling like it may be easier on one side, this is completely normal. Keep working towards practising on both sides.

Step 3: Balance with a squat and toe touch

  • Start by standing and balancing on one leg. Point leg at 45 degree angle and slow squat down towards floor until you touch your toe on the floor. Stand up.
  • If you feel like you need more support, try staring with a wall support first, progressing to fingertip pressure on the wall to ideally no wall support.

When you are comfortable with the balance exercises, move on to our recommended strength exercises here.