Family Chiropractic Care

Damn it’s nice to have my family back!!!!

Literally it was only 4 weeks however, they are back. It’s awesome to belong to the special and amazing tribe that is my family. Yes being honest, I missed them over the past few weeks. I caught myself last week literally counting the sleeps until they were home…. 

At Transitions I feel absolutely privileged to be included in providing Chiropractic care for our Newcastle family. However, I have to admit I have an absolute soft spot for those that include us within their family. Allowing me the honour of providing Chiropractic care to them and their family as part of their family health care plan.

The Beauty Of An Adjustment

This past week 4 new clients have included Transitions Chiropractic as part of their pregnancy care plan. Seeking to optimise their body’s function ideally leading to a more comfortable and optimised birth experience through chiropractic care. One lady even found us after being referred through the Newcastle Mums Facebook page so thank you for spreading the word! Thanks to the great work of people like Jen Barham-Floreani, Chiropractic has been shown to be a safe, natural approach to maximising mum’s comfort and balance. Any improvement in mum’s ability to adapt to the changes in posture is greatly appreciated as things don’t necessarily stay where they once did.

As the hormones start to flood, the pelvis shifts accomodating and making room for an “ideally” natural birth. While this happens the muscles and ligaments providing support to the pelvis are under a huge amount of pressure. Chiropractic can help to maximise the pelvic symmetry, minimising muscle & ligament stress and help to prepare the pelvis for the journey ahead.  The stress and strain of these changes on mum as well as the demands on her nervous system from growing a tiny superhuman are enough as it is. Anything we can do to decrease that internal stress and strain, minimising any inflammatory response is always a good thing. It may sound easy for me however, I looking forward to the journey over the next 40ish weeks…

The beauty of an adjustment is that we unlock the power and the beauty already inside your body. If the power is turned back on, less inflammation and irritation is present, the nervous system can begin to express it’s fullest potential. We are still only scratching the surface of what this means. Some of the most common benefits we see are:

Chiropractic’s Immune Boosting and Flu Handling Abilities

There is another “side effect” that is almost impossible to accurately record though. Chiropractic’s immune boosting and flu handling abilities. We are all living absolutely hectic lives, with less down time than ever before and more and more things to do. When life is this hectic, taking care of our bodies (the only vehicle that we have to carry us forward) is often seen as a last resort. The end result is that we miss the regular maintenance, gas top up and wheel alignment. We don’t get around to doing anything until we crash head first into the nearest telegraph pole. Apologies for the visual image but that is the reality. The only difference is the signs of being run down and actually needing a tune up often come too late. Figuratively we already hit the telegraph pole then realise, “oh my neck is sore,” “my back has gone out” or “I just keep getting sick.” 

“Chiropractic Helps Our Ability To Handle Stress”

At the end of the day the one thing Chiropractic has been shown to help is our ability to handle stress. Getting checked and adjusted for any irritation throughout your spine will absolutely help you and your family, regardless of their age, tolerate the stresses and strains of a hectic physical and emotional world. The side effects do vary- back pain and neck pain are far and away the most common. However, that inability to get over the flu, poor immunity, constant sniffles, coughs, fevers and chronic hamstring tension could be signs of too much pressure building up within your body and your spine. As one client says when he turns up for his adjustments, “it’s time, I’m feeling grumpy.” 

As for an infant, they don’t have words for when things are wrong or when they are need of Chiropractic care. Excessive crying, constant irritability, repeated ear infections, favouring a side to sleep on, feeding from one side, walking awkwardly, dragging a hip when crawling, rolling over one way are all signs of potential internal irritation. Potentially Chiropractic can help.  

Do You Need An Immune Boost?

If this sounds like you, it could be worthwhile to make an appointment and see if Chiropractic can provide the immune boost you need to help you fight the fire from the inside out. You have the power, sometimes we just need to unleash it and we are here to help. 

Thanks again to each and every one of you for choosing Transitions Chiropractic. Especially to those who see it as an essential part of their family’s health care. Whether it’s the Huff Post or Forbes today everyone seems to be going back to Hippocrates, “A wise man ought to realize that health is his most valuable possession.”