Well what is it? What is the number one thing that is important to you and your family? For me and for the rest of the tribe here at Transtions Chiropractic, it is our family. Taking care of our family, making sure they are as bulletproof as possible and have the best chances in life is why we all do what we do. For quite some time I have been a big believer in the concept that “every generation should live better than the last.” What are the Top 6 habits or activites that we can do to protect our future?

So if you are anything like me and want to optimise your kid’s chance so that they can out think, out run and out live us in the future, here are a few simple tips. It goes without saying your number one asset would prefer it if you are healthy and full of energy to play along the way, so don’t forget to care for yourself somewhere in the mix.

Additionally, I do check and adjust Cain and Peyton on a regular basis and they both eat plenty of real food. It is fantastic fuel; fuel for their fire. If you have any other tips and tricks up your sleeve please feel free to share your comments or tell us what has worked for you… Thank you for helping to create a generation that lives better than the last!