Do they know it’s Christmas???

Seriously, apart from the shopping centres going crazy has anyone really had time to stop for a minute or two to recognise that it is Christmas? What a great time of year! Hopefully a chance to celebrate with families and catch up and to reminisce on 2014. For all of you I hope it was a magical 2014 and I think you know that ours was pretty special as you can see by the arrival of our little Christmas elf below.

Dec 2014 elf

Throughout December we absolutely look forward to helping you and welcoming you at Transitions Chiropractic. Like most holidays, we will have a few delicious yummy, healthy (well sort of…) treats for you in the office. We are still trying to get as many colouring incompetitions as possible so kids please sharpen those pencils and get to work. Our Christmas tree gift collection for the Salvation Army is also growing so thank you for any and all support for that. All Donations must be received by December 18th so that we can donate on the Friday.

Could you please help us?

We are considering a small change of hours. We are looking at changing our Wednesday hours from the standard morning and afternoon shift to an earlier morning shift that would also accommodate lunch. The new Wednesday hours mean we would be open for appointments from 0800 until 1400. Does this sound like a good idea?

Please contact us during office hours on 4926 1101 to let us know your thoughts. 

Our holiday hours are a little different this year as well. We will be open right up until Monday, December 22nd. We will reopen the office on Monday 5th January ready to rock & roll in 2015.

As for the rest of this newsletter, I have written an article attached on where you will actually taste your delicious Christmas feast. Apart from that all I really wanted to say was a massive thank you for all of your support this year and I hope that you all have a fantastic Christmas & an even better 2015. If all else struggles, do more of what makes you happy & enjoy!!!!


Happy Holidays,

James Staciwa​​