Self Care is Health Care…

Yeehaa the New year is here!!! I love it- a fresh start and I believe the ultimate platform to leave behind unwanted baggage from 2014 and start fresh. In 2015 what do want to achieve? Do you want to get the most out of your body and your health this year? Do you simply want to be the best family man or workmate possible? Surely, whatever it is that you wish to achieve, having a body that can support and carry you forwards is going to be ultimately important for you. Your own health is the cornerstone allowing you to achieve whatever it is you want to achieve.

My suggestion is that this year, before reaching for a pill or even for the chiropractor think what can you do for you? Sometimes I feel as though the brilliance of our bodies gets lost along the way and as long as they keep allowing us to absorb more punishment then what is the problem? What do you think would happen if we wore our spine on our face? Personally, I think similar to our teeth we would take a lot better care of it. We surely don’t wait for tooth decay & deterioration before we start to brush them. Similarly we should not wait for back pain before we think about our spines. Keeping on top of your spinal and overall body health is really simple and the best thing is that you can do most of it yourself (you just need to start a routine).

So what can you do for you??? I believe that this is absolutely the best place to start and in the ultimate hierarchy of health care this is the foundation block. Without this, everything else from chiropractic, drugs and surgery is never going to help you to where you want to be. Your own health is one of the most precious possessions that you have. Our health and wellbeing is such a massive priority because without it we are certainly not going to get too much out of our bodies or our lives.

The beauty of taking this vital first step is that it is fundamentally simple. Like brushing your teeth and occasionally visiting the dentist, it starts with eating a low inflammatory dietstressing less & moving often. Occasionally you will need a really good “clean” and that is where chiropractic fits in beautifully, but for now lets just focus on what you can control. A great posture is a brilliant place to start! That way the postural muscles hold you upright while the phasic muscles (those responsible for movement) get a chance to relax. Regular mobility in all different directions is a magic way to move and lubricate your joints. For inspiration I just watch my son learning to push & pull his way around the floor (their is not a single way he will not try to move). Then there is another favourite of mine, regularly trying to break up the muscular restrictions. This part is kind of like flossing your teeth, it isn’t exactly enjoyable but it stops the tension build up from day to day use and it certainly prevents a lot of problems from arising. The key word here is prevention! Don’t just wait for a problem to appear, be proactive and start your healthy body routine today.

These awesome bodies of ours are possible of achieving anything. However, like most things I don’t think we fully appreciate just how great our bodies are until they are broken & we are stuck sitting on the sidelines because they either are not working 100% or worse, we are forced to sit around and wait for a replacement part.

Like I mentioned if you find yourself in need of a little kickstart getting back on top your health, non invasive natural health care such as chiropractic, massage or physiotherapy is a great second step in building your pyramid of health care. Only after these options have been exhausted, would I contemplate reaching for drug support and the last resort, surgery. The length of time and the side effects throughout the recovery process can be massively drawn out with either of these final two steps. All I am suggesting is lets try to prevent getting there in the first place.

So once again welcome to 2015. I wish you all the best successes possible & I truly hope that you get exactly what it is that you want from the coming year. I truly believe that if you put your own health first you will go a long way to achieving what you want to achieve. Enjoy!!!

James Staciwa & Transitions Chiropractic Staff​

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