I like to Move it!!!!

In case you didn’t know, one of my all-time favourite topics or spokes in the wheel of health is Movement! Why do I love movement so much and seriously, what is so good about it? Well after doing some research the answer is simple – it is what we are all born to do.

Some of this research has lead me to look at why so many times our bodies just seem to tighten up. After a while like this, we start to feel stiffer and stiffer then eventually the aches and pains kick in. What has become apparent is that the stiffness is scar tissue. It is progressively laid down over time and generally speaking, this process goes on for a minimum of 12 weeks before this stiffness kicks in. So before we even begin to notice the change in mobility, scar tissue is actually being laid down.

This is where movement fits in! The more you
move and in as many directions as possible, the better chance you have of breaking up that scar tissue. This massively helps to prevent the stiffness or ache developing. From a chiropractic end, we can be really specific and precise in regards to getting the spine and the rest of the body mobile. By adjusting the spine we are mobilising the joints, muscles and tendons while at the same time freeing up the nervous system. Ideally we are helping the body to reprogram itself into a better pattern preventing the long term build-up of scar tissue tension. 

So get out there and change your movement pattern.
Anyone can do it. This morning it was freezing and I was genuinely inspired when I went running at 530am to see so many people out running, riding & moving. Move in a beautifully different direction each & every day and see the change within yourself happen. Every time you move you will absolutely help to decrease that stiffness and scar tissue and feel truck loads better- just by moving. If all else fails and those niggles are still persisting, see your friendly chiropractor- we are always here to help you move!!!


James Staciwa

M. Chiropract, B. Chiro Sci​

Included is a link to our friends from CFN located on Scott St, Newcastle. They will definitely help you move!