​​​Building blocks

A massive thank you again for your support and interest shown in the happenings of Transitions Chiropractic now that the shortest day of the year has come and gone! As far as I am concerned it is party time as the days only get longer from here! It has been a full on month and a transition into a new era. We have had the pleasure of welcoming Beth into the Transitions Chiropractic family and she has done a stellar job over the past few weeks providing a happy & welcoming smile to all those who have had the chance to meet her. As always I would like to pay special recognition to those of you that are continually referring your family & friends to Transitions Chiropractic. We will continue to thank you personally with a complementary adjustment for each referral provided. As we are hitting winter, it is a perfect time to talk about rebuilding or creating your own foundation. 

In particular I am talking about your own health. However, I guess this can apply to many things. Winter as a rule is a time when we are generally a bit less active and fair enough too. Even nature intended us to take some time off. Personally though I see it as a great chance to repair and rebuild. To start again from the foundation and put some time and effort into getting our own health back to its ideal levels. As you know from last month, I did a pretty good job of knocking myself about at the North Face 100 so I decided it was time to get back to the basics. Yes for me that includes more exercise but with a different focus: forgetting the clock and concentrating on form and technique, getting some resteating well and of course – getting adjusted. Together these simple little building blocks are going to help me rebuild into a stronger, fitter and more adaptable version for the rest of 2014.  

Another way of looking at this is investing in your own health bank account. Investing, either by getting some extra sleep, fuelling you own body the right way, resetting simple movement patterns, creating a better headspace or by improving your brain body connection are all brilliant ways to top up your health bank account. In reality I think that we spend a fair bit of time throughout the year constantly asking more of ourselves. By possibly pushing ourselves too hard work-wise or at the gym, missing sleep or eating on the run and all of this constantly withdraws much needed funds from our own health account. To steal a line from one of the greatest movies of all time- Top Gun, spending some time and effort building that account back up is a great way to make sure that  “son your ego is writing cheques that your body can’t cash.”


James Staciwa

M. Chiropract, B. Chiro Sci​

**Included is a link to our friends from Up N Adam Personal Training– they have just opened brand new offices so go and check them out. We have also attached a book​ that I have enjoyed reading lately all about resetting yourself and becoming bulletproof**


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