​​Back to the Drawing board

[su_highlight background=”#f5fee4″]What a year 2014 is turning out to be! It is certainly one that seems to be flying by quite quickly. On a positive note, thank you to all of you for your continued support and referrals that have helped us grow Transitions Chiropractic. This has led to us hiring our first staff member– both Merissa & I would love to introduce Beth into the Transitions Chiropractic family. Hopefully you all get a chance to meet her bright & bubbly personality over the coming weeks.[/su_highlight]


[su_highlight background=”#f5fee4″]As quick as this year is flying by there is still plenty of time to take stock and assess which direction your 2014 is travelling. To celebrate your persistence and the fact that you are reaching the goals and targets that you have set yourself, or to reassess and turn over a new leaf to change the course your year is taking.[/su_highlight]


[su_highlight background=”#f5fee4″]This past weekend was one of those where I was forced to stop, reassess and come to some painful, however, necessary decisions about what direction my year was heading. I tackled the North Face 100, a 100km trail run in the Blue Mountains. It has been a big goal of mine for a while now and has absolutely led me on an awesome journey. I have been able to complete my first two ultra marathons. As well as learnt a huge amount about nutrition and fuelling my own body, while seeing some amazing countryside in exploring my own personal boundaries.[/su_highlight]


[su_highlight background=”#f5fee4″]Unfortunately, as awesome as the journey has been, I did not get to reach the destination. Injury held me from the finish line and forced me to stop and reassess. Yes I could have stumbled & crawled to the finish line but this was not number one on my priority list. Personally, familyhealth and work rank so much higher. It reiterated the need for me to prioritise the important things in my life and for that opportunity I am grateful![/su_highlight]


[su_highlight background=”#f5fee4″]What are your priorities for 2014 and what direction is your year heading? Today could be a great day for you to stop and reassess what you are personally willing to change and sacrifice. For me, it is family & health and yes this particular life lesson was pretty painful. However, the shift in perspective and the clarity in vision that was obtained made the whole journey worth it.[/su_highlight]


[su_highlight background=”#f5fee4″]Onwards and upwards to an even better more certain and a clarified direction for 2014!​[/su_highlight]


[su_highlight background=”#f5fee4″]Enjoy…[/su_highlight]


[su_highlight background=”#f5fee4″]James Staciwa M. Chiropract, B. Chiro Sci​[/su_highlight]