Ok, so a bunch of super cool things have been happening over the past 6 weeks. Yes, if I get a little personal the birth of my son Cain certainly tops the cake, but I believe that in reality it really has been a great past few weeks. One reason is the warmer weather and daylight savings kicking off and for that I am super excited! An additional positive change includes a massive reassessment of some health and fitness goals.

Everyone knows that spring is the season of new life and for Merissa & I this could not have been more apparent this year with the birth of our first child. I personally feel like it is an absolute Matrix moment (i.e. take the red or the blue pill and as a result the world never looks the same again). It is such a positive change- I can’t believe how much my outlook has shifted and since Cain’s first breath just how many things could change so quickly. I can’t wait to see what the next few months/years bring and what changes Cain brings to our little family. I have heard it said before that nothing changes until you do. Well for me there is a physical shift but more importantly a mental shift has occurred. I have gained a new perspective on everything and since the birth of our newest little miracle, I feel as though I have redefined my focus on what is most important: family, health and doing what I love by helping people.

This shift in clarity also lead me down the fairly obvious path- if I don’t take care of myself, then I am going to struggle to be able to take care of my family. So I trudged off to the Doctor for some blood tests. When the results came back he was amazed I was even standing (severe anaemia) and he recommended a blood transfusion. I preferred to take some time and see if I get a positive change without having to go through such a drastic measure. So the internet became my best friend again, especially the likes of The Natural Nutritionist, as well as anything else that discussed gut health and anaemia. Step one seemed to be get off gluten– unbeknown to me, gluten actually causes an inflammatory reaction with everyone which slows or lessens your body’s ability to absorb iron and other useful things from our food. Step two was a little more drastic and involved me drinking bone broth. It is very useful for repairing any bodily tissue damage especially that which occurred in the gut. My follow up blood tests showed a massive increase in my iron levels with absolutely no signs of inflammation. I am not saying I am perfect or even 100% healthy yet, but I have seen a massive jump in my iron levels & haemoglobin and most importantly I am feeling truckloads better.

So bring on the warmer weather and bring on the summer! I got my new focus and outlook on life courtesy of Cain and I am getting my health back. I am once again becoming adaptable to whatever life throws at me. Yes I have had to reprioritise a few things with work, exercise, diet and lifestyle, but it is all for the positive. Hopefully these shifts will help me be a better family man, an adaptable human and someone that love to help!

Thanks again and from all of us a Transitions Chiropractic- Bring on Summer!

James Staciwa​