The Wheel of Health is turning!​

A few weeks ago a particular patient of mine was due for her reassessment. This meant that we were going to be going through a comparative structural physical examination as well as a new muscle & nerve activity scan using the myovision equipment.

Ideally these reassessments are used as an objective opportunity to monitor a patients progress over time. It gives us something concrete to compare to. In this example the initial assessment was performed in October, with the reassessment occurring at the end of January. Both results of the thermography scan ( activity) and the sEMG (nerve conductivity) show huge areas of improvement. Additionally all ranges of motion, static observation as well as the patients subjective feelings of discomfort all massively improved.

It’s a great example of the wheel of health in its proper working order and a brilliant illustration of just what the human body is capable of. This patient took any & all advice on board from when to get checked & adjusted to making sure she was getting plenty of exercise & rest.

Thank you to this special patient who let me share her results, I feel very privileged to be part of her healthy lifestyle choices. Below are the results of the scans, the progress is genuinely impressive!! ​

Wheel of health