Sports Chiropractic Newcastle

Looking for the extra edge? Sick of putting in all the hours in the gym or on the road and seeing little results? It is time to make sure your body is in the best position possible to maximise your speed and power.

Sports chiropractic is an essential part of any athletes gear bag. The purpose of sports chiropractic is to maximise body symmetry and efficiency; similar to getting a wheel alignment or tune up done on your car. When the chassis of the car is in the correct alignment and the wheels are balanced and at their optimal pressure your car will run as smoothly as possible. Everything from fuel economy to the wear and tear on the engine is improved. This can happen for you too.

Sports Chiropractic Newcastle – Our Techniques

At Transitions Chiropractic we are Newcastle’s only Myovision approved centre that combines computerised thermography and sEMG to assist in helping you. We specialise in maximising pelvic and spinal stability to emphasise nerve transmission to the working muscles so they can fire at their best. Likewise, improved body symmetry from the pelvis and throughout the spine decreases any unnecessary stress on the joints, muscles, tendons and ligaments that you are asking to help you swim, run, ride or lift.

Sports Injuries – Chiropractic Care

Whether you are new to exercise or a seasoned veteran of one of Newcastle’s finest clubs from the Newcastle Flyers, Newcastle Triathlon Club, Newcastle Surf Life Saving, Up & Adam Personal Training or Never Say Never High Performance, chances are you have been injured at some stage. Transitions Chiropractic Newcastle is a great choice to assist your injury recovery.

Sciatica, back pain, disc injuries, over use injuries, tendonitis, tension headaches and bursitis are just some of the injuries we can help with. Even a muscle tear or joint sprain, adjusting the surrounding areas of the spine or pelvis has been shown to drastically reduce recovery time and using our Myovision technology we have seen significant improvements in muscle balance throughout the spine. By increasing the nerve and flow to the healing muscle and optimising joint positioning, normal mechanics are restored which limits unnecessary strain on the working muscles or joint.

Call today to add Transitions Chiropractic Newcastle to your essential athlete tool kit.