Recently I have had a few patients talk to me about a gym in Market Town call One World Boxing Academy (now The Concept), so I thought I better go and check it out. Just quietly I am in love. It is clean, big, cheap to join and great for casual visits. It even comes fully equipped with a weight area, treadmills, huge boxing area and to my surprise, a sauna & hyperbaric chamber… However, my favourite part of the gym is the inspirational quotes and poster that completely tattoo the walls.

I did not realise until after I googled it, but the winner for me goes to Abraham Lincoln, “the Best way to Predict the Future is to Create it.”

Sit on that for a moment- “The Best way to Predict the Future is to Create it.”

It is absolute brilliance and it applies to every facet of your life.

In athletic performance- if you want to go faster, then you need to train harder and be better prepared.

If you want a great mark in your next test- study and prepare as well as possible.

As for my favourite- if you want to create a legacy where every generation lives better than the last, then it is up to you to feed and nourish your children with the right food, education, play and love so that they have every possibility going forward.

Finally, if you want a future that is free from pain and suffering, then 4 easy things for you to do right now are:

Similar to Norman Doidge’s “The healing Brain” philosophy, thinking about your relationship with pain and discomfort goes a long way to changing it. Likewise thinking about the future you want to create is a great platform to allow you to create and predict the change you want.

This isn’t hard work, however, it is work. Challenge yourself to create your better future today and remember- if it doesn’t challenge you, then it doesn’t change you. My challenge’s over the next little while include: New Run here in Newcastle, followed by the Bateman’s Bay Ultimate Triathlon, with the finale being Port Macquarie Ironman May 1st.

We would love to hear what you think, what future you want to create and what challenge’s you are pitting yourself against. So please let me know via Facebook, email or post a comment below and good luck creating an amazing future today!

James Staciwa
M. Chiro, B. Chiro Sci.