The other day I received an email and its first line said, “coming and going matter far more than what happens in the middle.” I think this is 100% accurate in virtually every facet of our lives. In a nutshell, part of the reason we called ourselves Transitions Chiropractic is because we believe that we are here to help people transition to a healthier, happier way of life. We are here to help people transition through various life stages too. If you think about any significant change in your life, being born, starting school, changing careers, moving house or even something a bit lighter like playing a new sport, the transition is always the hardest. It is not a bad thing, but what ever we are doing that is different is going to take time to adapt. As much as society seems to be going towards an age of instant gratification, I believe that deep down we realise that the transition process does take time. At a minimum studies have shown that a new skill takes 21 consecutive days of practice 3x each day to develop. Malcolm Gladwell’s infamous 10,000 hours study shows that true mastery takes just that long of deliberate, focused effort. Muscle damage will take approximately 90 days to heal, whereas connective tissue may take up to 210 days.

Why did I bother pointing that out? So ideally we realise that whenever we are transitioning through any new area of life we must be patient. We need to take care of our number one asset (our health) and not just burn ourselves into the ground. When you transition, appreciate that whether it is starting the new job, having a child or changing sports, your body is under a lot of stress. Chiropractic care, massage and rest are three of the best ways to maximise your ability to adapt and change. All of this, at its best, is preventative based care because as the time illustrates above, if it’s only muscle damage that will take 90 days to heal but if it’s connective tissue, well 210 days is a long time to be sitting on the sidelines…

Right now we are going through a big transition as we are having to relocate our offices. Clearly our focus is always on being able to help you, your family and friends and we want to get this right. We believe that if we can set this new place right from the start we can have a smooth transition in being able provide enhanced chiropractic and health care for you.

Thank you for coming on this ride and we look forward to transitioning with you to our new and improved office in the near future.129434-128667

Transitions Chiropractic, as we are transitioning ourself, are here to help you transition through whatever changes are going on in your life too.


James Staciwa