Travel In Comfort

Travel In Comfort- How To Use This Spiky Ball To Relieve Some Muscle Tension

As a few of you might know, I just got back from New Zealand racing over in Challenge Wanaka. This trip came with 2 days of long travel, so I wanted to introduce you to my favourite travelling companion. This is a spiky massage ball that you can get from places like Rebel Sport or AOK Sport and you can use them to release the muscle tension while your sitting down for hours.

Different areas that you can use this spiky ball are:

  • the hamstrings
  • the gluts
  • lower back
  • rib cage
  • spine
  • upper back

They are really versatile, you may not use them the whole time, but it can break up monotony of sitting there the whole time and relieve some muscle tension building during that travel.