What do your nerves do??

This may seem really simple, and to be honest I hope it is, but in all seriousness what do nerves do? Answer: They are your information super highway! They form your spinal cord or central nervous system as well as your accessory nerves or peripheral nervous system. They are constantly sending messages to and from the brain to our organs, muscles, tissues, skin and basically every part of the body. Much like our beloved M1 motorway, connecting Sydney to Newcastle, our nerves carry all sorts of signals to and from the central hub to outlying areas within the body. Similar to the M1 carrying trucks, buses, cars and motorbikes, the nerves carry all different types of information regarding organ function, skin sensation, movement perception and of course pain. Clearly these signals travel really fast in both directions.

Our nerves are awesome! They basically control every single operation within our body. If we step on a rock, that sensation is transmitted via our nerves. If you take it back even further- taking that step in the first place could not happen without the muscles receiving the necessary command via the nerves. Even the supposed automatic actions of the heart beating or lungs breathing only function because of our nerves. Think about it- would the heart actually still pump if it were cut away from the body or likewise would it pump if the nerves supplying it were severed?

Back to the highway analogy. Whenever there is an accident on the M1, generally speaking, the big neon message boards light up and let you know that there is a problem or a delay up ahead. Sometimes it tells you that you must take a detour or in the best case scenario, there may be a delay and you won’t reach your destination as quickly. A small accident can have a massive flow on effect throughout the whole freeway sometimes blocking traffic flow in the opposite direction. The same thing can work with your nervous system. An accident or misalignment along the spinal cord or nerves can severely limit the signals getting through in regard to how well our organs are functioning, how our muscles are pumping, how we are moving or how much pain we are in.

So instead of sending NRMA, the police or fire trucks to clean up the freeway we can ideally use a precise specific adjustment to restore the balance and get things flowing again. Please insert chiropractic here. We are absolutely the best way to make sure that our information superhighway is unobstructed. We address and ideally remove any misalignment or accidents that would otherwise be slowing down or affecting the messages getting through. Routine adjustments are a great way to check and adjust your spine, sweeping your freeway and getting rid of any potential mishaps before they have even started to slow your nerve traffic down. 

We are always here to help your body communicate and function at its best. As the freeway gets busier over the summer holidays, more accidents are likely to happen.  As the end of the year is rapidly approaching and you are getting busier and busier, isn’t it time to stop and get checked to make sure you are functioning at your best?​