How many spokes do you think are in your wheel of health?

Here at Transitions Chiropractic Newcastle we think there are 5!

The 5 spokes of your wheel of health include: brain body connection, movement and play, fuelling your body, rest and recovery and mental health.

All 5 spokes in the wheel of health should work together. If you bend or break any one of the spokes the wheel will still roll, however the wheel will roll a lot better if all of the spokes are in tune with each other.

So, in order for you to move smoothly through every day Newcastle life, make sure you take care of each spoke because the performance of your wheel and your life depends on the integrity of each and every spoke.

A big thank you to the guys at CFN Newcastle for the literal wheel and for maintaining our movement.

Stay tuned for more videos on each individual spoke on your wheel of health…