Why Choose Chiropractic Care?

Adrian, expert Exercise Physiologist and owner of Watt St Athletic, discusses why he continues to see a Chiropractor even when he's not in pain.

Exercise Physiologist and owner of Watt St Athletic, Adrian, talks about his journey in Chiropractic care over the past 3 years and ongoing. Going into his first ultra marathon event this weekend, Chiropractic care has been a continuous part of his preparation to ensure his body not only steps up to the challenge, but allows his to push his limits.In the video below, he discusses some pretty hot topics:

  • Why Chiropractic care?
  • Why go see a Chiropractor if you’re not in pain?
  • How could Chiropractic positively affect or contribute to his training?
  • How does it help or speed up recovery?
  • What does having a healthy nervous system mean for your body? 

Do you think Chiropractic care could help your performance? If you’re curious about Chiropractic care or wonder how it could help you, give us a call at Transitions Chiropractic + Massage and enquire today.