M7 Marathon Race Report

About 3 months ago, we got the news that my wife’s sister will be getting married in the USA, April 2017. So it got me thinking, what sporting events are on? The answer is Boston marathon! I’ve been a long course triathlete for a few years now and never had a crack at a road marathon, but…

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Life According to Darwin

As most of you know, both at Transitions Chiropractic and personally we are going through some pretty big changes. Merissa was kind enough to give birth to our beautiful daughter Peyton on the 18th of July and incidentally that was exactly the same day that the building works commenced on our new office. Yes sometimes…

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Improve Your Sleep 101

I have had a few people lately tell me that they have a lot of trouble switching off their brains- that they are really struggling with their sleep. To me, that is a big problem because when we sleep we recover. Sleep is the best recovery drug that we have! If we are struggling with…

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