The Warning Shot

We all know the concept of a warning shot: a cannon aimed well and truly in front of the boat to get the captain’s attention or even the coastguard shouting into the megaphone warning the captain not to come any closer or that he must slow down. But what do warning shots mean and how…

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Merissa’s Story

I grew up in a household where my mom worked for a paediatrician and that meant we had a full medicine cabinet at all times. Whenever there was a sign of anyone getting sick or having a headache we went right to the cabinet to see what we could take. We didn’t abuse pain meds,…

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A Healthy School Lunchbox

With the kids back at school last week comes lunchbox packing! A healthy lunchbox is important for your child to concentrate, grow and be physically active. Providing a healthy lunchbox also helps your child develop life-long healthy eating habits. How to pack a healthy lunchbox: PACK THE CORE 4 Main lunch item – a sandwich, roll, wrap…

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