Podcast: Dr Eric Hansen Interviews James Staciwa

Podcast: Dr Eric Hansen sits down with James Want to get a little insight behind what drives James and how he went from a beer chugging baseballer to redefining his limits in endurance sports? Check out this podcast with Dr. Eric Hansen from Brain and Body Health.     11 Jun BBHT 13: Ultramans, Ironmans and Distance…

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Transformation of the Karate Kid!

BEFORE: This young boy first visited our office at only 10 years old. He is way too young to be suffering from back pain. The worst part- the back pain was also causing headaches and affecting his ability to concentrate. TREATMENT: We could see in his initial examination that his muscle activity was completely one…

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Cryotherapy, Ice Baths, Cold Water Swimming

THE BIG FREEZE: Cold Water Swimming So you’ve probably heard about it, seen someone do it or even been crazy enough to try it yourself. What is all this about cold water swimming? The concept has been around for as long as time itself as part of ancient tribal ceremonies and in extreme areas including…

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