Podcast: Dr Eric Hansen sits down with James

Want to get a little insight behind what drives James and how he went from a beer chugging baseballer to redefining his limits in endurance sports? Check out this podcast with Dr. Eric Hansen from Brain and Body Health.



 BBHT 13: Ultramans, Ironmans and Distance Athletes, Rehab and Health Concerns

“Distance athletes put a lot of load on their body. Physically, biochemically and emotionally. Knowing how to train your body to be ready for a distance competition is not only key for your success, but for the prevention of injury.

James Staciwa from Transitions Chiropractic in Newcastle has done it all. Recently completing an Ultraman competition and having done several Ironmans in the past James is a guy who has put his body through a lot and knows what to do and how to approach a long distance competition without trashing his body.

In this podcast we go over everything from running technique tips to mental tricks to stay strong to nutrition and training tips.


Dr. Eric Hansen