Run The Peak

The final of my Extreme 3 Challenge. Lake Cuyamaca and Pinnacle Endurance’s ‘Run The Peak‘ 50k. After back to back weekends of Xtreme Ironman distance triathlons I got to admit, I was a little excited to “only” have a 50k run to do…. The week leading up to the race I did zero training. I…

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Reach The Stars By Midnight- Canadaman 2019

Finishing at the top of Mont Mégantic at the observatory, this is the catch phase of this race. For me, life is shooting for the stars- we never know how close we get but we can always try. That’s what this race was all about- trying. No one ever said doing 2 extreme triathlons 1…

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Extreme 3 Endurance- Alaskaman 2019

As the stars happened to align this year I set my sights on tackling 3 extreme endurance races over 3 consecutive weekends. Alaskaman 2019 well and truly started the show! Low and behold, after 32 hours of travel I arrived in Anchorage 3 days before the race. On the midst of their biggest ever heat…

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