Breathing your way to calm

Ever noticed what happens to your breathing when your stressed out? Breathing gets shallower and quicker. Each inhale takes more effort with even less benefit. The upper chest and shoulders pump with each breath. The shoulders then become so tight they glue themselves to the ears. The lower ribs and diaphragm seize up and stop…

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7 Tips to Manage Stress from Home

It’s not easy. Covid induced stress is real. So from the safety and comfort of your own home, here’s 7 tips to help you manage stress. 1. Bank Sleep (0:13) 2. Cultivate social media/news (0:43) 3. Garden (1:11) 4. Breathing- box breath & physiological sigh (1:43) 5. Talk to a friend (3:09) 6. Journal (3:40)…

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