Text Neck, Shoulder Tension & Neck Pain

Text Neck and Shoulder Tension Here are some tips and tricks to decrease text neck and shoulder tension and increase upper back, shoulder and neck mobility. Why? We spend too much time sitting, our shoulders get hunched and our head hangs forward. How do we strengthen our shoulders and neck to pull back? Y, T, […]

Built To Last- 3 Exercises to Improve Your Core Strength

Built To Last: Push Up, The Plank and Wall Angels In Part 1 of Built to last, we talked with Brogan from the Concept about how to create a strong foundation. Here, specifically we were talking about your body’s own foundation from the feet up and through your pelvis. The ideas here are essential because even […]

Built To Last: Hips and Pelvis Stability Exercises

Built to last, creating a strong foundation for your “House of Life” from the ground up. Stability Exercises that can help support your body as you transition through life. As many of you know, at Transitions Chiropractic I tend to use a few analogies. One of my favourite analogies is thinking of our bodies like […]