Text Neck and Shoulder Tension

Here are some tips and tricks to decrease text neck and shoulder tension and increase upper back, shoulder and neck mobility. Why? We spend too much time sitting, our shoulders get hunched and our head hangs forward. How do we strengthen our shoulders and neck to pull back? Y, T, W & L movements. These are movements you can do anywhere and you don’t need any props.

YTWL Lying Down

Doing that drill well? Next version is to try it standing up.

YTWL Standing

For those of us that are worried about the slumped shoulders and forward head carriage, the holding of the one position of the exercise is great because it’s forcing that muscle memory and it’s creating that new nerve pattern. If you can hold that for a prolonged time, even better.

Can you hold the above drill for more than 30 seconds? Want an extra challenge?

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