Tis the Season

It’s here…. December is upon us and summer has been here for a while already. It is a fun, busy time of year and I’m a little excited to see “Cain the Christmas elf” all decked out on Christmas day. However, I am a little worried about the damage he will do to our Christmas tree… To share the love and spread the joy this year we are having our Annual Christmas giving tree for the Salvation Army. Please feel free to donate all new gifts and books (preferably unwrapped) by December 17th so we can deliver them to the Salvation Army.

As is tradition in our house, we do enjoy celebrating the festive season. For me the chance to spend time with friends and family is by far the best part of the year winding up. However, I do like reminiscing on what happened over the past year and also planning what is going to happen in 2016. People often focus on planning what is going to happen, but I do think that reminiscing and looking back at the good things has its place too. Without even a small celebration or acknowledgement of our achievements,were they really worth the effort? If you have done something that you are proud of then be proud and yes you are completely allowed to give yourself praise.  When it comes to planning for the New Year, for the past 4 years now, I start by reading my One Word book and choose my next Word that I can use as my focus and goal for 2016. From here priorities, goals and targets all become easier to set as the anchor point has been chosen.
On a darker side of Christmas, it can be a stressful time. Unfortunately for a lot of us, Christmas comes with a lot of things to do that we more or less feel obliged to do… Shopping, wrapping, drinking, socialising, partying, spending and driving are just a few of the things on our “to do” list.
Please, this year take time for what is most important to you whether it is some quiet time alone, with the family or with a good book. At the end of the day, even if things like partying, drinking and socialising seem like a fun thing to do, they can be stressful. The emotional and chemical stress from burning the candle at both ends and rushing to meet a deadline can easily become too much. These stressors can be just as toxic and as negative on the body as physical stressors that we are used to associating with injury.
Rest, recovery, having a clear brain body connection and fuelling your body with optimal ingredients​ are great ways to help you destress. I am not saying that I am going to live like a monk this year, I am sure I will indulge in way too much ham, eggnog and Christmas cake. However, smart choices when choosing your poison will help your body repair so that you can bounce around again as soon as you need to.
Chiropractic and massage will be here throughout the holiday season in 2015 to help you and alleviate any unnecessary stress. Apart from that, please take time to reflect and hopefully be thankful for the good things that have happened throughout 2015. Look forward to a promising 2016 and above all, enjoy the moment now…
Thank you for all of you love and support in 2015- I can’t wait to see what another 12 months brings and I look forward to seeing your happy, smiling faces as 2015 winds to a close.
Merry Christmas and have an Awesome New Year!!!!


James Staciwa ​