​About two months ago we decided to start a “family tree” here at Transitions Chiropractic. The main driving idea behind it was that it illustrated that chiropractic is for family care, not just for back pain…. The first family members that went on the tree were of course my wife Merissa and son Cain. I have had the privilege of being able to adjust Cain since he was just a few hours old and soon I would have been adjusting him for 12 whole months. I genuinely can’t believe just how quick these past 12 months have gone by.

Since adding Cain to the tree, we added other family member’s children as well. So far we have kept it to the children as I think otherwise the tree could grow out of control. I have always said that I want every generation to live better than the last and that is said with upmost respect to my parents. However, I never knew the benefits of chiropractic until I was 20. Like most kids, I definitely had my fair share of cuts and bruises, a small hospital stint after a pretty severe car accident and even the niggling recurring injures from sport. However, I was never introduced to chiropractic care. The children that are coming in here, in my opinion, are getting a kick start to life. We are maximising their bodies ability to shock absorb and deal with the stresses & strains of their external environment. Whether or not it was the 9 months that they spent cramped inside a very small space at the beginning of their life, the 7000+ falls they will have before the age of 4, constant sitting behind the school desk, going kamikaze on the sporting field on the weekends or even adolescent growing pains, children’s bodies are under an immense amount of pressure.

One of the biggest difference’s with children though is that they can very rarely say “mum I’ve got a sore back”. With your children, what I have seen presenting to me here is trouble sleeping and breastfeeding or favouring one side only. Digestive distress in regards to excessive burping or flatulence has been observed and is often a sign of neural interference somewhere within their little bodies. Even delayed ability to sit, crawl or walk has been observed and was a loud warning bell that the body was not in perfect harmony. Children’s bodies are so beautifully fragile it does not take much for them to be forced out of alignment. Whenever this occurs there will always be some irritation and signs of this could include: a fever, changing the way they move, digestive or concentration difficulties or just general fussiness. Kids don’t have a language to tell you something is wrong, but when there is something wrong with your child they do know how to be irritated!!!

As a parent you have the ability to massively shape your child’s future. I am sure you want the absolute best for you child and would like to not only shape your child’s future into something wonderful and full of potential, but allow them the best chance of growing and developing to the fullest of their potential. Getting your kid’s checked is safe, effective and a very very light force is all that needs to be used. As Aeschylus said “From a small seed, a mighty trunk may grow” and according to Og Mandino “what you plant now, you will harvest later”. Just imagine how wonderful that harvest could be….

For your child to get checked to see if they even need Chiropractic care it is always complimentary. I would prefer to check your child and get a baseline for where they are at. If they are perfect- brilliant!- no adjustment required, then if anything does happen during their growth and development we at least have a reference point to go back to.

Shape the way you would like your children to grow, give them the best chance of being awesome and get your child checked here at Transitions Chiropractic and join our amazing Family Tree!!!


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