To grow is to change…..

I heard this saying on a TV show the other night and I thought it was brilliant. Take a moment, sit back and think about it. How often do you hear something like “oh, I’m just stuck in a rut” or “I wish there was something else I could do” or worse “I have just given up all hope”? Well, there is something we can all do- we can change!!!

Change is adaptation and throughout our evolution it is this ability to adapt that allows us to thrive even more. I think in today’s fast paced society the ability to change is even more of a prerequisite. Technology is moving so quickly that it is almost hard to keep up. Even if we resist, we must adapt and change eventually, otherwise we are left behind. Weather it is a new way of finding out news and information or just a new way of communicating, whatever it is, if we don’t change there is no way we can grow.

I think the same can be said for our health. We are forced to constantly adapt our bodies to our environment which seems to mean even more sitting, more fast food, easy access and increased convenience; our bodies scream for more mobility. We get constant aches & pains from seemingly trivial movements like putting on a shoe, hanging up the washing or worse even just getting out of bed. These are really simple movements and a resilient & strong body should be able to do all of this and more- Easily!!!!

Apart from all of that, what about our mindset? Even if you do like the situation you are in or if bad things happen to you, you can always 100% of the time choose to change how you respond. Choose your outlook on your own life and choose to live life positively. I choose to make my environment a product of me and not be a product of my environment. Regardless of just how much the world can seem to be falling around us, we choose the world we are in and if we don’t like it, I believe we should CHANGE iT!!!

So change! Ideally change just a little bit each day, even if it is how you get out of a chair or how you get out of bed, but give your body a chance to adapt. Your body will consistently move better and as a result, it will be forced to change which will make you stronger, more bulletproof and more adaptable.

To grow is to change and I believe that to perfect is to change often!!!!


James Staciwa