First Move well….

This past weekend I had a chance to participate in one of my most favourite exercise events of all time. The Port Macquarie Ironman. Now I know for a lot of people the idea of swimming 3.8km, riding 180km then running a 42.2km marathon is insane, but it is what I love! It has been over two years since my last chance to compete and I’ll be honest, I have missed it! It was a beautiful event for so many reasons but I missed many of my personal goals. However, there is no way that this event could have even been possible for me without the loving support of Merissa & Cain.

Professionally though, I got to see many examples of movement throughout the day. Some a lot more beautiful than others. To me this reinforced the idea of first move well, then move often which was founded by Gray Cook, originator of FMS movement systems. Unfortunately, as the day progressed and the fatigue built in, peoples poor movement patterns became more and more pronounced. The effects of either their prolonged sitting at work or their poor technique when training became very obvious.

Another of my other favourite sayings is from legendary strength and conditioning coaches Pavel Tsatsouline & then again by Dan John. Their saying is “greasing the groove.” The theory being in both sayings “first move well, then move often” and “greasing the groove is that it takes time to learn how to move well. Once you have mastered how to move then, keep doing it! Technique is clearly the biggest key here and through technique we create efficiency. Through efficiency we create speed. The best runners, swimmers and riders all move beautifully and their apparent levels of exertion are no greater than those that struggle. The experts have spent years “greasing their groove” and optimising their efficiency in movement. They are absolute professionals in moving well, and this is turn allows them to move often with great efficiency and speed.

I guess what I am trying to say is that if you find yourself struggling to progress with your health or fitness goals how are you moving? Is there a way you could move better and more efficiently? If so maybe instead of focusing on the quantity of the movement or the posture you are holding maybe you could focus on the quality and technique.

Personally, I have seen massive benefits in working with a personal trainer in improving the quality of my movement. It has definitely helped me even though my weekend did not go to plan. In order for me to improve I need to test, accept where I am and chart a course forward. Anyone can move well if they choose to warm up, stretch and keep mobile: to get adjusted, eat a low inflammatory diet and to practice moving. With dedication and committing to the task, you can achieve whatever it is you wish.

We are always here to help you at Transitions Chiropractic! Be it through Chiropracticmassage or nutrition– if you would like to improve the way you move and your ability to move well we are here to help.
Regards & enjoy!!!

James Staciwa
M Chiropract, B. Chiro Sci.​


Below is a word from Kate at Food deFined

Fluidity of movement in the junctions of the body will create flow in your exercise and your daily life. As James points out so nicely, moving well and moving better is a continuous journey that needs focus and attention; and when the movement becomes more and more automatic for you, it gets easier and easier.

Let’s apply this to the inside of your body and the way your red blood cells travel; the way your hormones are transported; how the food you eat is digested and moves through your digestive tract. There are many elements that need flow and when it is obstructed in any way, we know something is not working correctly. This can also be related to life in general; when you feel ‘stuck’ or stagnant, it doesn’t feel good. Your body is incredibly in tune with movement, so to ensure the inside of your body keeps flowing with ease and calm, it is important to bring focus and attention to the things that help this happen and also hinder it.

The food we eat has a direct impact on the way our body functions, so if you’re not feeling 100% and you know something is out of balance, it may be worth taking a different approach to what you’re putting in your mouth and analysing which body systems are possibly struggling with the daily barrage of incorrect foods. Let’s prevent disease and disorder before it just ‘shows up.’

“Greasing the groove” has a meaning to all parts of the body and by focusing on ‘technique’ of how each organ works, you will find balance that allows you to live with flow, movement and benefit to how you think, act and share your life.

Let’s work together to bring balance back into your life, create new, healthy habits and live in a body that thrives, not just survives.

Food deFined​

May Recipe: Almost Paleo Vegie Bread from The Natural Nutritionist​

Paleo Vegie bread