Foot Strength and Mobility Drills- Part 2

These 3 drills will be fantastic. They are great for anyone with weak ankles, runners and people who feel they need to get their foot strength and mobility back. We believe that a strong and stable body has a strong and stable base. As chiropractors, our primary concern is strengthening your base from your pelvis and spine up. Additionally, we know the difference that foot strength and mobility make for providing the strongest launching pad for your foundation. Likewise, for those of us that wear big heavy shoes and wrap our feet up in boots for hours each day, these drills will work great for you to increase your foot strength and mobility.

Foot mobility and activity initiate’s myriads of sensations throughout the entire nervous system. It can help stimulate balance, co-ordination, alertness, posture and brain development to name just a few.

Toe Curls

Spread Your Toes Like Fingers

Standing on Massage Ball

Hopefully you find this useful- we would love to hear how you went trying these drills! Feel free to leave your comments below, like it or share it to people you think would benefit. If you want to check out Part 1 of Foot Strength and Mobility, click here.