Foot Strength

Foot Strength- Part 1

Experiencing Tired and Sore Feet? For some, this can happen at the end of a long day in heavy work shoes, walking in right constricted heels or from pounding the pavement running for hours. For others, foot pain can be at it’s worst first thing in the morning, getting out of bed and taking those first few steps. This video demonstrates 3 effective ways to improve foot strength, develop ankle mobility and help release the build of plantar fascia tension along the soles of the feet.

Kettle Bell Stand

This is about loosening the fascia in the side of the foot and creating a strong foot. Think of the fascia like a super strong and tight extension of your calf that wraps around the heel then spreads out towards the bottom of your toes. As such, a tight calf will tighten the fascia and tight fascia will in turn tighten the calf.

Feet work almost like a trampoline, as foot strength increases the more force you can push off with and absorb and the better, more upright more dynamic and more resilient you’ll be.

  • Place kettle bell near a wall
  • Put one foot on the kettle bell handle parallel to the direction of the handle
  • Stand up on the kettle bell handle while bracing your hand on the wall
  • This will start ripping into the fascia and really start loosening up that foot
  • If you feel comfortable, take your hand off the wall and try to balance

Want another challenge?

Do the same exercise, but stand on kettle bell placing foot across the handle. This will get a stretch through the lateral arch in your foot. This, in my opinion, is definitely harder that standing along the handle, but is a beautiful release in the foot.

If you are considering distance or trail running, foot strength will absolutely assist in power, performance, economy and also injury resistance.

Physio Rollers

Physio Rollers are brilliant for our entire body, including our spine, back, legs, etc. Not only do they assist in relieving muscle tension and tightness, but they activate nerve stimulation and can assist to open up the nerves and muscle pathways within the active muscles. So, why not use a physio roller for your feet?

  • Standing up, place physio roller perpendicular to the wall and brace it with one of your feet
  • Take your other foot and rub the arch of your foot against the roller
  • This works to release those long arches through the foot and any of the muscular tension through the foot`

Swim Fins

For many runners and triathletes out there…we are negative buoyant. As such, we are prone to avoiding the water like poison. So you may not like this one.

  • Put a pair of fins on and grab a kick board or float
  • Swim 4 x 50m lengths of the pool keeping your arms and hands fixed on the kick board and propelling yourself only by kicking
  • The weight of the fin will add mobility through the front of the foot and ankle
  • The tight muscles through the front and side of the leg and calf will loosen if you can do a couple hundred metres of kicking in the pool
  • This can be done individually, i.e. with a normal left right kick or for more power use a dolphin styled dick. Kicking both feet together for maximum foot strength. This can work very well lying face down or face up in the pool

Give that a try and let me know what you think. We would love to know what you do to strengthen your feet.

Please feel free to like, comment or share to anyone you think would benefit! There is Part 2 to Foot Strength so, click here for more ways to bulletproof your feet and help create the strongest most stable and powerful foundation possible, literally from the ground up.