Wow- I can’t believe we are here!!! I’m just a little excited and although I know that “to grow is to change and to perfect is to change often,” I am just blown away by everything we have gone through over the past few months. Another quote I read last week from the book “legacy” stated that “pressure is a privilege” and I think that once again it hit the nail on the head. Although we felt like we had our back against the wall, it is an honour to feel like we had something in Transitions Chiropractic worth fighting for.
Hopefully you have been able to check out our little welcome video and I just wanted to let you know a few of the teething things that we are currently sorting out:

Signage- so that you know our signs are getting done, but right now if you see the parking signs for JBA planning (on the right)- that is us! So feel free to park in our private little carpark where the JBA signs are.

Telstra- I can’t imagine that anyone is too surprised, but NBN and Telstra are late to the party- that means we are running on an internet dongle only with no proper internet access. Therefore, all phone calls at the moment are diverted to my mobile and there might be an issue with the text message reminders.

Billing- as of Tuesday 9th, NAB has been kind enough to let us borrow a mobile eftpos device. Because of the lack of phones and internet, we are unable to use our standard HICAPS and eftpos terminal. The downside of this means, depending on your health fund, you may have to claim for your care the old fashioned way or by using an APP- on the spot claiming will be limited over the next few weeks. It certainly beats having to do bank transfers or carry cash which was the other alternative….

Thank you once again for your unwavering support. As one client mentioned to me last week, this will be the fourth different office address she has visited me at. I am hugely appreciative of the effort you have gone to stay with me over the years. I think that is why at Transitions Chiropractic we are different because here, relationships matter and people are so much more important than profits every time!

I can’t wait to show you King St and personally welcome you to our amazing new site.

Thanks again, each and every one of you are beautiful!!!


James Staciwa