Fuelling your engine!!

Welcome to 2014 and what promises to be a great year! Personally it is a year I am really looking forward to so once again I can see what the body is capable of and how well it can adapt to its environment. This month there is a few links at the bottom for a brilliant little book to start the year, an awesome fitness challenge right here in Newcastle, Merissa’s recipe of the month and my fitness and fundraising challenge. I believe 2014 will be a brilliant year and I am excited to tackle it head on! However, in order to achieve our potential for the year ahead ideally we must make the choice to fuel our vehicle with the best fuel possible.

In this analogy the body is symbolised by a car, it works best with regular servicing, minimising any major breakdowns. This servicing may seem a bit tedious, but compared to the extended time and cost at the mechanics in response to a major breakdown, it is a whole lot more economical and efficient. The brain acts similar to the starter motor of the car, it instigates everything. The nerves act much like spark plugs by transmitting the messages to the rest of the vehicle to get it firing. This is where Chiropractic fits into the picture- optimising the connection between the brain (or starter motor) to the rest of the body. Now if the starter motor and the spark plugs are all functioning at 100%, then the next step is the fuel. Just like your car, the fuel you choose massively effects the quality of the ride and the amount of kilometres you will get out of your vehicle.

The fuel that you choose really does help to support your body from the inside out. It massively affects your body’s response to stress & inflammation. It supports a healthy nervous system and provides the energy needed for every day function and optimal performance. I do not believe that one diet fits all however, I do believe that if we all ate real food we would be better off. Instead of basing a meal around carbohydrates, try to base your meals around protein, fat & micronutrients. These three components are what provides the body with the best source of fuel. This way you keep your engine running smoothly and it is a great way to ensure that your body is producing all the right hormones. Hormones like human growth hormone, testosterone, dopamine and estrogen are all produced principally by proteins and fats. These key hormones are responsible for relaxing, repairing and growing stronger!!! The less processed your fuel, the cleaner your engine will stay and the more quality your body will absorb. The higher the quality of fuel, the better your engine will run. So in 2014 choose quality over quantity and fuel your engine with premium.

Happy New Year!


James Staciwa

M. Chiropract, B. Chiro Sci

[su_highlight background=”#edeceb”]As opposed to massive hard to stick to resolutions, maybe try something different. The picture below is a super short book that helps create a laser like focus to get what you really want out of life. Click on the photo to find out more!​​[/su_highlight]

My One Word

[su_highlight background=”#edeceb”]This year Transitions Chiropractic is sponsoring this great event. If you are up for a fitness challenge, speak to us about joining our team as an individual or as part of a team event and see what your body is capable of!!! Click on the photo to find out what event it is…​[/su_highlight]

fitness challenge

[su_highlight background=”#edeceb”]In 2014, I have paired up with the Australian Spinal Research Foundation & Hands on Health Australia. In raising money for a great cause I am literally putting these charities on my back and putting my legs to work.[/su_highlight]