Lateral Movements

Inactive or Lazy Gluts? Lateral movements are key to firing glut and extensor muscles through the lower back and minimising hip flexor strain. Restoring Glut activity can help prevent:

  • lower back pain
  • disc problems
  • sciatica
  • hip and knee troubles

Lateral moves are key in starting to restore the balance. Give these movements a try and see if that’s possibly the missing piece to the puzzle.

For any more help, chiropractic works wonders in restoring hip & lower back biomechanics, give us a call today.  

Movement 1 – Leg out to side (0:34)

Movement 2 – Squat Lateral Walks (1:25)

Movement 3 – Squat Lateral Walks- Arms Overhead (2:05)

Movement 4 – Lateral Walks with Weight- LIGHT (2:01)

Movement 5 – Lateral Walks with Weight- HEAVY (2:32)