Inactive or Lazy Gluts? Lateral movements are key to firing glut and extensor muscles through the lower back and minimising hip flexor strain. Restoring Glut activity can help prevent:

Lateral moves are key in starting to restore the balance. Give these movements a try and see if that’s possibly the missing piece to the puzzle.

For any more help, chiropractic works wonders in restoring hip & lower back biomechanics, give us a call today.  

Movement 1 – Leg out to side (0:34)

Movement 2 – Squat Lateral Walks (1:25)

Movement 3 – Squat Lateral Walks- Arms Overhead (2:05)

Movement 4 – Lateral Walks with Weight- LIGHT (2:01)

Movement 5 – Lateral Walks with Weight- HEAVY (2:32)