The Beauty of our bodies…

That went by really quick!! I can’t believe that summer is over already (well at least officially)! Our little rockstar Cain is already 6 months old and he is absolutely smashing his extension exercises. The other day I jumped on the floor and followed his workout going from superman to cobra positions and repeating- within 30 seconds I was spent and he just kept on going!!! Cain definitely makes me appreciate time on a whole new level. I cannot believe just how much has happened in the past few months and to think it was only 12 months ago Transitions Chiropractic had two teams running in the Sparke Helmore Triathlon festival with Merissa smashing the 10k run while 13 weeks pregnant. It only feels like yesterday…

baby1                               baby2

I wanted to thank you so much for your support already this year! 2015 has been a great few months for us at Transitions Chiropractic. Thanks to your loyal support, we are reaching our goals of helping more people feel and move better with the help of chiropractic. We have met a bunch of beautiful new faces over the past few months which hopefully means that we have been able to help you and that you are sharing your positive experience with your friends & family. A special mention goes out to the crew at Up & Adam Personal Training who are allowing me to come down on Friday March 13th to screen and check all of their athletes- I’m excited.

We all know how important it is to move however, I stumbled upon another great reason while doing some research a few weeks ago. This was much more related as to why it is so great to move our necks. No big surprises, but if our nervous system starts in our head, the neck is the key supporting structure and the biggest supporter of that nervous system as it starts to send and receive messages throughout our body. Recent research has looked at the fact that correct neck can drastically reduce the amount of lower back and hamstring fatigue while also improving your lower back curve allowing a more even distribution of pressure. With that in mind, even if you are struggling to get out of the chair because hypothetically you are in a long meeting, been up all night breastfeeding or stuck in a truck for hours, nod your head! The other previously unknown benefit of moving your neck is that it is the major area of the body that provides proprioceptive input back into the brain. Thats right, previously it was thought that our biggest areas of feedback were our face, hands, feet and inner ears but recent research is saying the muscles and joints in our upper neck provide up to 90% of all input that the brain receivesOur ability to move our upper neck is now thought to help out with balance, position sense, as well as our hormonal and mood regulation.  Without even knowing it, Cain is doing the best thing possible for his brain by constantly doing extension exercises and lifting his head while on his belly- Genius!!!

So if you are feeling dizzy, clumsy or are experiencing vertigo, it is probably not your ears that are the problem. If you are constantly feeling tight through your legs or feel like you are always slouching your lower back- try nodding. I have been experimenting with this myself as part of my morning ritual and I am sure I have given it to a few of you as an exercise. All I suggest is that we all do it. Get you neck moving and your body will thank you.

If you do get the chance to find us on Facebook & write a review, that would be beautiful! Thanks again for your supporting us in allowing us to achieve our mission of helping more people. Something exciting is also coming to Transitions Chiropractic in April and it may, just may having something to do with a new Massage Therapist….. Stay tuned!

James Staciwa
**A final note, Beth will be asking you a small question next time you are in the office. What do your Nerves Do? I thought I would give you a heads up but it is for something that I think will come up really cool over the coming weeks. More details to follow for the mean time check out:

Merissa’s St. Patrick’s Day recipe:

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